What are retainers?

What are retainers

Retainers are a form of orthodontic treatment. They are also known as invisible braces. People wanting to get their teeth straight often turn towards the treatment of invisible braces or retainers. Invisible braces come in different types. This is to satisfy all the different types of needs regarding getting the teeth in shape. Clear braces Dubai have their hands set in this filed and their products often promise you very positive results after the treatment has been completed. Invisible braces or transparent braces are different in shape and form and this article is dedicated towards the briefing on the said topic. Different types of braces are mentioned in this article below.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are a type of invisible braces. They are a very popular treatment choice amongst the patients. Lingual braces work in a way that they are places behind the teeth to reduce the visibility to the maximum that is possible. Lingual braces work with a set of wires and they also use metal brackets so that over a certain period of time, the teeth will gradually start to adjust in the same position that is the desired goal of the patient and the doctor as well. Their positional advantage has gained them a lot of popularity over the period of time.

Invisalign braces

If we talk about the current times, it would be right to say that the invisalign braces are the most popular type of invisible braces that are available. These are the most discreet visible braces available. One more benefit of invisalign braces is that they are removable and can be taken care of very easily. That is why flossing, brushing and eating is not a problem with these braces. For this treatment, a patient is provided with 2 braces that are to be used for two weeks each. For the best results with this type of treatment, a patient is advised to be wearing invisalign braces for a total of 22 hours for a day. This allows the patients the time to take it off whenever it is needed.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces look similar to the regular braces with one difference. Ceramic braces use brackets that resemble the color of the teeth making it look more pleasant than the regular braces.