When to Change a Car Battery

When to Change a Car Battery

Keeping a car maintained may be the most difficult thing to do. There are some people who know all the ins and outs of the car but most of the people don’t know anything about the inner working of the car. Also, the cars of now a days are so high tech that computers detect what is the problem with the car and the same computers also tell how to solve the issue. There are different upgradations that a car needs and the most common one will be the mobile oil replacement and you will be taking your car for car battery service in Abu Dhabi every now and then.

These are the two things that increase the age of the car. This is because the engine requires battery to start it and oil works as its blood. But sometimes, even if you take some weeks more to change the engine oil, it won’t matter much but if you don’t replace or recharge the batteries, your car will not even start. That is why, you can say that the matter of car battery should be your no.1 thing to do when it comes to keeping up of a car. Most of the people don’t know when to change a car battery and that is why you have to keep reading to get more info about when to replace it.

Slow Ignition: either your car requires a key to start or not, if the engine does not start in a single ignition – then it means that your car needs a battery replacement. There can be times when there can be an issue with the ignition itself, it is best that you ask a mechanic about it.

Dim Lights: if the ignition is fine then may be, the lights of your car must be dim. If you see that the car’s headlights are getting dim day by day then the issue may not be with the lights but there is a sure issue with the car’s battery. This is a sign that your car needs a battery replacement as soon as possible.

Engine Light: if you see a red engine light near the speedometer then it means that your car is signaling that the car battery is low or is about to die.