What Does Material Handling Actually Mean?

Have you ever heard the phrase material handling? In easier terms it would be described as an accessory or machine that helps move a product from one place to the other; not to be confused with a material handling system where more than one product is being moved in a systematic style.

As an example of this type of system consider a shipping dock. The process would usually involve a forklift truck that lifts the product from racking, which is then brought to the ground. The product is then moved onto a sack truck and then to a machine such as a wrapping machine. The product is then wrapped and moved onto a scale. After filling out the documentation, the product is loaded using a dock place on the ship.

This above example uses equipment like sack trucks, dock plates, forklift attachments and racking that are widely available from a number of different suppliers. Naturally, the higher the specs and quality the longer it’s durability. Read more about material handling equipment suppliers in UAE here.

There exist many examples of material handling equipment and systems. A broad range of equipment at hand include conveyors, forklift attachments, forklift, pallet cages, joint modular rotation, rugs, safe, scissor lift, scissor table, containers, cars of different types.

Forklift trucks and Pallet trucks require regular service at least once a year similar to a car and its annual MOT examination is considered to be essential.

Yet another common system uses hoists. The system employs a jib, cranes and trolleys and can include added products like coil grabbers and drum handlers.

Forklift truck that comes in many different shapes and forms is probably the most common system which can be found in industrial units, factories and warehouses across the world.

Roller conveyors and mezzanines allow safe transportation and storage of various materials within the warehouse. Storage racking provides additional space for storage. Lifting and shifting heavy loads from one place to another inside a factory is part of daily routine which is made easier with forklifts and equipment whether new or used.

There exist a global industry of material handling systems and it is constantly growing and evolving. Health and safety constitutes an integral part of material lifting and there are many regulations in place to keep workers safe. Proper use of equipment strengthens efficiency by allowing the employees to handle more work with convenience.

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