Facts about perfumes

Facts about perfumes

Who does not like perfumes? A good fragrance always makes our moods jolly and happy. There are tons of tv ads that show how perfumes and deodorants can make you erotic – there is some truth to that but most of them are fake. So, don’t go about bathing in perfumes just to get the time of your life. You will find the biggest market of attar perfume in Dubai. Now you will also find perfumes and attar in hand sanitizer gel in UAE. There was even a movie made on perfume and we recommend that you watch it if you are a collector of perfumes. If you are a real collector and fan of perfumes then you must read about some little-known facts of perfumes.

What Does the Word ‘Perfume’ Mean? Like almost every word in English, this word also comes from Latin that is pronounced as ‘Per Fumum’ which means ‘through smoke’ and the early perfumes were wood of specific trees that gave a good fragrance when burnt. The Romans and the Arabs are the pioneer of making perfumes and it has been 2500 years now.

Emperor Nero: this emperor was a real fan of perfumes and his feasts were famous because he had a fountain running or rose and jasmine oil and it spread its fragrances around the castle.

The First Perfume: the first perfume maker was a woman and her name was Tapputi and she lived in Babylonian Mesopotamian and it was back in the 1200 B.C. and it is said that she is the only person who wrote down the ways of extracting perfume and making it and these ways are still followed worldwide.

First Perfume Factory: the first factory of perfume was founded 4000 years ago and it was in Cyprus.

Does Perfume Really Turn You On: it is a fact that a smelly person is never attractive. Perfume and body fragrances always give attractive vibes. There are different types of perfumes that have aphrodisiac qualities that can really turn on people but that does not apply to every person.

Which Perfumes have Aphrodisiac Qualities: ylang ylang, jasmine, vanilla, rose, and lemon are said to have these qualities.

Why Perfumes Change After Sometime: these are called the after effects of a perfume and the perfume with guaranteed after effects are worth buying and they can be expensive as well.