Access control systems – Things you need to know

Access control systems - Things you need to know

An Access Control System allows full access to the facility, which to any person would give ultimate access. An employee will be able to access all the restricted areas as well as gates/baskets when authorization is granted. Using a key card or entering a PIN like so, the individual can access other doors, gates, barriers & barriers, etc. The best access control systems in UAE ensure full access control and a safe working environment.

The system uses both physical and logical keys. A physical access control system uses keys that are controlled by physically present employees at the facility. Keys can be either issued by computer access control, through card access, or both. Often in a workplace, the use of physical keys would be more effective. However, many facilities still rely on the use of key cards or the use of access control cards that allow access by using a fingerprint scan or via biometric data.

There are two main types of access control systems; namely; key-based and i.e. virtual. With a key-based system, there are two types of readers; i.e. key-based RFID readers and i.e. electronic magnetic readers.

With a key-based access control system, a user only needs a card or other form of ID to gain access. This requires that users provide a thumbprint or other biometric information to the issuing organization. Once the user’s information is verified, a locking mechanism is set in place. This locking mechanism then blocks the user from accessing restricted areas, or if the user is using unauthorized access equipment, such as a headset or bracelet, it prevents access altogether. In a modern, smart card reader, however, biometrics, iris scans, fingerprints, and digital signatures can be processing to bypass the locking mechanism.

When determining whether to implement a keyless access control system for a commercial facility or implement face-recognition biometric identification (FRA compliant in most cases), the considerations below must be taken into consideration. There are of course the many considerations regarding personnel theft and the issues of establishing a secure perimeter. Other considerations with employee morale and employee safety come into play as well. Finally, many operational and cost considerations must be addressed. Each business has its unique situation, and so implementing the best available system will depend on the specific requirements of that business.

Whether a business requires access control system components such as biometric identification and access control card readers, or a full suite of access control products and services, it is essential to consider all the implications before investing in such an important aspect of business operations. Go here for more information.