Types of paints

Types of paints

Art and painting is a very wide field mostly because it has no boundaries. People coming from all the different backgrounds and having different thoughts can easily express their thoughts and emotions through this medium. Art Dubai is a great example of that. Apart from being a matter of emotions and one’s own thoughts, painting is also a very technical skill. One of the key aspects to this is the paints that goes into making an art piece. There are several types of paints out there which are used to create different types of art works. In this article we bring you some of the different types of paints that are available in the market. This might also be helpful for canvas painting for beginners.

Oil paint

One of the most widely used type of paints is the oil paints. They are used in almost every type of painting be it for an art work or to paint walls and entire buildings, oil paint is everywhere! White lead is generally used as a base in oil paints. There is a whole process that goes behind the application of an oil paint. The very first step in the application of oil paint is the primer which is then followed by the undercoat and at last finished off with the finish coat. This makes oil paint one of the most durable types of paints available. One more interesting thing about oil paints is that it can give you both a matt and glossy look. It is also very easy to clean. Oil paints are advised not to be used in humid areas due to the fact that they take a lot of time to dry up.

Enamel paints

Enamel paints are the kind of paints which are usually used to paint buildings and interior of houses. Varnish is mixed with lead or zinc in order to make an enamel paint. These are a great option to paint the interior of a house as this paint is water resistance and can be cleaned very easily. Also enamel paint gives off a rich glossy look which makes a house look beautiful ten folds. Like oil paints, they also take time to dry.